Legal Modeling

A principal area of research supporting the development and implementation of DataTags involves modeling information privacy statutes and regulations, institutional policies (including institutional review board policies), contracts and consent forms for sharing sensitive data, and best practices for managing confidential information. This modeling informs the generation and refinement of the six DataTag levels as well as rules for tagging datasets and creating custom license agreements for data sharing.

Current Research

Legal researchers are currently analyzing a wide range of information privacy laws and data sharing policies, taxonomizing the privacy and security requirements associated with each, and associating them with specific license text. Together with computer scientists and information scientists, they are exploring the use of formal modeling techniques to reason over the legal requirements that are necessary to take actions with respect to data. One such project investigates the use of the logic programming language Prolog to formalize aspects of privacy legislation in order to reason over what licenses are necessary to permit specific actions under law, and which are compatible with existing DataTags.